Eyeopener 2013

A Symposium on the Diagnosis & Treatment of Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB)

The Eyeopener Symposium was hosted at The Michener Institute, Toronto, Ontario

On April 27th, 2013, BEBCRF hosted Eyeopener 2013, the first-ever Canadian symposium on Benign Essential Blepharospasm (BEB). We explored the newest frontiers in treatment, through interactive learning sessions with some of North America's leading experts on BEB.

Revealing Insights, and Eyeopening Perspectives

Since lack of awareness has too often led to delayed diagnosis of this disease, the theme of the symposium was to "remove the blindfold" on blepharospasm.

Speakers and sessions at Eyeopener 2013

Speaker Topic
Dr. Stephen Kraft BEBCRF and Cranial Dystonia: A Historical Perspective
Dr. Earl Consky Treatment of cranial dystonia and hemifacial spasm
Dr. Harmeet Gill Periocular and facial neurotoxin injection techniques
Q & A – Part One Q & A with Drs. Consky & Gill – Moderator: Dr. Kraft
Dr. Anthony Kaufmann Surgical management of hemifacial spasm: neurosurgical perspective
Dr. Yasser Khan Surgical management of blepharospasm: oculoplastic surgery perspective
Dr. Andrew Harrison Evolving treatment strategies for facial dystonias
Q & A – Part Two Q & A with Drs. Kaufmann, Khan and Harrison – Moderator: Dr. Kraft
Patient Perspectives Patricia Goodwin, Anil Relan & Andrea Martin
Q & A – Part Three Q & A with medical panel and patients – Moderator: Dr. Kraft