BEBCRF Support Group Meeting – Richmond, Fall 2008

    Dr. Steven Lee

Through the combined effort of the Foundation's VP in British Columbia, Heather Brown, and, the Vancouver Island representative for Allergan Canada, Isabelle Bohlman, Canada had its first Chinese Support Group Meeting in Richmond, British Columbia.

Dr. Steven Lee

The successful Support Group Meeting was held in the Chinese Cultural Centre on October 23, 2008. For this meeting and with the cooperation of both Dr. Lee and Allergan Canada our BEB brochure was translated into Chinese.

photo from meeting, with caption. Dr. Steven Lee and Guests.

Dr. Lee at front of room

The meeting was attended by some of the Vancouver “regulars”, Heather Brown, Donna Skalmerud and Bill Chin, who brought his parents to the meeting so that they can better understand the nature of BEB. Dr. Lee began his talk by explaining in some detail just what benign essential blepharospasm (BEB) is and how one goes about its diagnosis. He continued by explaining the ease of misdiagnosis, often because this condition is not widely known, and, the frustration it can cause: both to the patient as well as the physician.

Dr. Lee carefully pointed out some of the many techniques or methods of testing that can successfully be used to accurately diagnose and treat this disease. One of the attending patients, Donna Skalmerud, became his model as Dr. Lee gave a hands-on demonstration of these methods. In this way he ensured that all present understood the content of his message.

photo from meeting, with caption. Dr. Lee and Donna Skalmerud.

Dr. Lee demonstrated a genuine interest in seeing that his patients get as much help as possible. He put a large emphasis on the Canadian Research Foundation indicating that it is the best way for patients to connect with others and get new information (as he does not have enough time during his workday to provide this service).

photo from meeting, with caption. Patient, Bill Chin, Heather Brown & Dr. Lee.

At the end of the meeting there was no doubt amongst the listeners of Dr. Lee's commitment to serving his BEB patients.

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